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Getting arrested and being accused of a crime are undoubtedly some of the hardest and most stressful events that you can face, especially if you’re unfamiliar with law enforcement procedures and the courts. It doesn’t help that many people within the system make you feel like you’re guilty of committing a crime even before you’ve had your chance to make your case heard, before you’ve had your chance to have your “day in court”.

While not every case gets to the courtroom, it is in the interest of justice that you are heard, and it is a criminal defense lawyer’s job to make sure that happens: that you have someone fighting for your interests, that you have someone who works not just for you, but with you in getting the best outcome for your case.

Fresno County and its surrounding areas have a variety of good criminal defense attorneys with fair amounts of experience, however, it can be difficult to find an attorney who has been able to transform that experience into expertise. With more than three decades of experience in criminal defense, attorney Mark Coleman understands what it takes to transform the hours put into a case into positive outcomes. In his 30 years of experience working in the criminal justice system in the Central Valley, Mark has built professional relationships with and earned the respect of prosecutors, judges, and police, building a reputation as a forceful but fair advocate for his criminal defense clients.

Serious Crimes

Assault, Battery, Domestic Violence, Homicide

Sex Crimes

Indecent Exposure, Sexual Assault, Child Molestation, Child Pornography

White Collar Crimes

Tax Fraud, Identity Theft, Insurance Fraud, Embezzlement

Drug Crimes/DUIs

Drug Paraphernalia, Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, Drug Dealing, Drug Manufacturing, DUIs

Property Crimes

Theft, Larceny, Robbery, Burglary, Shoplifting, Arson, Vandalism

Federal Crimes

Federal Crimes, Federal White Collar Crimes

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